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The Disco Exorcist ##BEST##

The grainy look of the film is great (I wanted that for MACHETE KILLS) and the disco tunes and mood music are very nicely done. Performances vary wildly but I honestly wouldn't have it any other way. The film is called THE DISCO EXORCIST after all.

The Disco Exorcist

Rex Romanski is a D-throwin' groovy disco cat, running through every lady who falls for his charm. He thinks he's found THE one, only to ditch her the very next day for a porn star. Unfortunately for Rex, the scorned woman dabbles in voodoo and turns Rex's porn star love interest into a part-time she-beast.

Starring Michael Reed as Rex Romanski. The DISCO EXORCIST, a blood-soaked tale of supernatural revenge, sex, black magic, disco dancing, and mountains of cocaine is being produced by Ted Marr, writen by Tony Nunes with Guy Benoit from a story by Richard Griffin and directed by Richard Griffin.

It centers on a woman who serves as the assistant to her master ventriloquist husband, who had a stroke on stage and is now wheelchair bound. The vaudeville theater in which they perform is believed to be haunted, so priests are sent to investigate. They find it filled with hundreds of dummies, only to discover that the woman had killed her husband and had been puppeteering him.

After working his way through most of the disco queens this side of the 70's, Rex Romanski finally loves and leaves the wrong women in Rita Marie. A Satanic High Priestess, Rita Marie doesn't take kindly to being dumped and, using her devilish supernatural powers, embarks on a homicidal rampage of revenge, murder, and destruction. Has Rex finally come up against a problem he can't charm himself out of? Or will he find the disco-balls needed to defeat Rita Marie, and save the soul of his new lady love, adult film star Amoreena Jones, before it's too late?

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