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MakeMKV.full.rar [PORTABLE]

Home of the world's oldest program for video conversion, the PC can not only be used for watching your home videos, as well as for sharing videos with friends and family. If your video has certain type of files, you can also convert it into another format with no loss of quality by using MakeMKV.


MakeMKV at the Moment should be the leading application in converting your DVDs to DVD. It is more graphical in style than its rivaling programs and can get almost all DVD players to perform the job. You can easily modify the metadata of the videos, do splits on DVDs, and join files.

MakeMKV is designed to work with tools provided by the project, including libdvdcss, which allows encrypted DVD playback and Fedora's libdvdread, which reads the information of the discs.Depending on your configuration you may need to configure your GNOME desktop or KDE desktop to allow automounting of encrypted DVD's and BluRay.

MakeMKV software is the most reliable converter from source. It can be a useful tool for technical and creative work with video, audio and other types of media. The program also allows you to create disk image files, and burn them to optical media, such as DVD discs, Blu-ray discs, or CD/CD-RW.

MakeMKV software is a multi-format, multi-encoding converter, video to video and video to audio. It also provides a good GUI and it can convert in batch mode, it converts all audios and movies from a video to MKV or H.264. It to play BluRay on your laptop and convert it. It can allow you to watch BluRay in your PC or laptop or DVD or DVD-RW on your computer .


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