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Strada Del Sole Sunglasses Buy

In fact, whether your preference is for glasses or a mask, the protection will be equivalent for the same index. The index represents the level of protection of tinted lenses, which protect the eyes by filtering out harmful rays from the sun. Depending on the degree of tint, a CE mark or standard must appear on your sunglasses, indicating their level of protection. In all cases, be sure to choose glasses that will be adapted to the climatic conditions you will be facing.

strada del sole sunglasses buy

If the lens index does not give the advantage to sunglasses or ski goggles, the difference can be in the covering aspect your protection should have. Indeed, if the solar rays pass between the glasses and the face, they are not filtered effectively and thus constitute a threat for the eyes.

On the other hand, if your alpine skiing or snowboarding practice is limited and you prefer to walk at a more moderate speed (cross-country skiing or for snowshoeing, for example), then sunglasses will be your ideal ally to appreciate alpine landscapes. They will also be much more practical for enjoying a drink and sunbathing at the altitude restaurant!

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The Museum illustrates every aspect of the history of spectacles. Therefore, we find that at least four centuries went by before the bars were commonly used and sunglasses have their precursors in the 18th century, when Carlo Goldoni began to use green lenses to protect his eyes from sunlight, thus starting a fortunate tradition. 041b061a72

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